Institutional capacity-building for dynamic monitoring of the pharmaceutical industry - Fiotec

Farmanguinhos is an official government pharmaceutical laboratory affiliated with the Brazilian Ministry of Health that produces more than a billion medicines per year, distributed to the population through the Unified National Health System (SUS). Investments are necessary to strengthen and develop the laboratory’s activities, since Brazil is clearly behind the world’s technological cutting edge, even though the country is an important market for pharmaceuticals (ranking 9th in the world).

The project entitled Farmanguinhos Institutional and Scientific Capacity-Building and Development and Technological Innovation aims to develop tools, methods, and monitoring methods to allow meeting the demand from the complex pharmaceutical environment and in compliance with the prevailing legislation and regulatory standards.

The idea is to implement new manufacturing technologies, develop new quality management processes, implement ISO standards for best manufacturing practices, among other actions, in response to the intense transformation of the pharmaceutical industry. Production strategies like these are needed for Farmanguinhos to participate in the global industrial dynamics in an active, sustained, and competitive way.