The Science of Carlos Chagas Filho presented in an exhibit and photo biography - Fiotec

The exhibit entitled “Carlos Chagas Filho” was created in the scientist’s centennial year (2010) to celebrate the life an outstanding personality in the global scientific community, as one of the pioneers in scientific research as a central activity in Brazilian universities.

The event was divided into two main areas: Carlos Chagas Filho’s life story and his scientific research. The exhibit was thus divided into three scenarios, the first portraying his office, where visitors could view his personal papers, images, and important belongings. The second was his laboratory, featuring real equipment and interactive activities, representing his main lines of research. The third portrayed Chagas’ international career and discussed the research questions to which this scientist devoted his work.

The exhibit was accompanied by a photo biography in the form of a 200-page illustrated book in a bilingual edition entitled “Brazilian Scientist, Occupation: Hope”. The book is still on sale and tells the scientist’s life in photographs. The exhibit can also be visited online at this link.

The elder Chagas and FIOCRUZ

Carlos Chagas, father of Carlos Chagas Filho, was appointed director of Manguinhos on February 14, 1917, following the death of Oswaldo Cruz that year. His administration’s research priorities focused on the causes and epidemiological and clinical characteristics of rural endemics. Among other changes, he was responsible for creating scientific sections, defined by areas of expertise and intended to establish a clearer division of labor at the Institute. In teaching, he expanded the Application Courses at the Oswaldo Cruz Institute, now FIOCRUZ.