Support for management of FIOCRUZ reference laboratories - Fiotec

Fifty FIOCRUZ laboratories and departments are classified as national or international reference centers. They are essential for Brazil’s national public health strategies, since they have the necessary infrastructure and expertise to respond immediately to emergency problems such as epidemics and emerging diseases.

The laboratories perform high-complexity procedures for complementary diagnostic tests and analytical quality control of the entire network and are the focus of a project by the Office of the Vice-President for Research and Reference Laboratories (VPPLR/FIOCRUZ) to provide greater agility in the scope of these services and better processing of medium and high-complexity assays (approximately 100 thousand), in addition to 140 training courses, internships, consultancies, and technical visits (approximately 120).

Proper execution of the project is essential for the Ministry of Health and especially for the National System of Public Health Laboratories (SISLAB). For the Brazilian population, the initiative means greater efficacy, quality, and safety in the process of receiving and analyzing samples.