Preservation and dissemination of historical knowledge of FIOCRUZ and public health - Fiotec

The House of Oswaldo Cruz (COC) was created 20 years ago as the unit dedicated to preserving the memory of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation and activities in research, teaching, documentation, and publications on the history of public health and biomedical sciences in Brazil.

The House of Oswaldo Cruz is home to one of Brazil’s most important collections on the political, social, and cultural processes in health, including photographs, films, documents, museum pieces, and interviews. It is thus extremely important not only for preserving the Foundation’s cultural heritage, but also for publicizing and sharing the scientific knowledge housed there.

This involves production and dissemination of historical knowledge on FIOCRUZ, expanding the production of knowledge on health, science, and technology and the graduate studies activities and extension courses in the framework of the work done by the House of Oswaldo Cruz.