SGAWeb: online organization of laboratory samples, from processing through reporting - Fiotec

SGAWeb is a new version of the Laboratory Sample Management System (SGA) of the National Institute for Quality Control in Health (INCQS), the focus of which is management of laboratory samples, from the moment the samples are received until the final report. The updated version includes important technological improvements from recent years, in addition to accompanying the evolution in the process of laboratory analysis of products.

The new version’s advantage is that data used in the system are housed in a central server that spares user laboratories from having to acquire database services, allocate specialized human resources in IT maintenance, and perform data backup.

The update was developed in partnership with the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) with the aim of making the system available to all the laboratories in the health surveillance system, including central, regional, municipal, and private laboratories. Thus, if a laboratory analyzes samples from different batches of the same product, the information is organized in the system.