On March of this year, Fiotec completed its 20 years of existence, and it is proud to have a history of fights and victories in supporting one of the most important institutions in Brazil (and Latin America) in the execution of its projects. That is why, on April 10th, professionals of the institution and representatives of Confies and Fiocruz gathered to talk about the importance and the challenges of support foundations for the Country and about how the work developed by Fiotec impacts and helps when it comes to health improvement and scientific and technological development in Brazil, through Fiocruz.

The opening ceremony, which took place at Coppetec, gathered the president of Fiocruz, Nísia Trindade; the president of Confies, Fernando Peregrino; the presidents of the Audit Committee and the Board of Trustees of Fiotec, Charles Bezerra and Jorge Costa; the executive director of Fiotec, Hayne Felipe; the director of IBMP (Molecular Biology Institute of Paraná)/Fiocruz, Pedro Barbosa; Valber Frutuoso, member of the Board of Trustees of Fiotec; and the chief executive officer of Coppe, Edson Watanabe.

Fiotec is Fiocruz

The role of Fiotec was highlighted by the president of Fiocruz during the opening ceremony. "The idea that support foundations are crucial, fundamental tools is increasingly gaining ground among those of us who work for the public good that science and technology should be in this Country. I wanted to mention some recent projects. Although some of you may not be aware of it, the fact is it would be impossible for them to be successful without the contribution of Fiotec. That is the case of Fiocruz' technological development in health programs, which involves the development of vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, [...]. It is also the case of the More Doctors Programs in Brazil, without Fiotec, all the training activities would be impossible. The same happens regarding the Program for Quality in Attention to the Patient in the Brazilian Public Health System; this is actually is the case of hundreds of projects, but it is important to name them so we have some knowledge about the impact the daily activities of all the collaborators have," said Nísia.

The future of support foundations

The first lecture was given by Fernando Peregrino, executive director of the Copettec Foundation and president of the National Council of Support Foundations of the Institute of Higher Education and Research (Confies). Fernando structured his presentation in three strands: who we are; how we are; and where we are heading to, regarding Support Foundations. He highlighted the importance of these foundations, alongside universities, scientific and technological development research institutes of the Country, and he also talked about how bureaucracy, barriers and lack of investment are still an issue for SFs.

The Legal Landmark was mentioned, as action enabler for support foundations, and speeding fundraising, as well as how foundations should think about improvements, in accordance to the Law.

Fiotec 20 years: you are part of this history

The most exciting moment of the day was the tribute to those professionals that completed 10 years at Fiotec in 2017 and 2018. In addition to receiving a commemorative plaque, each collaborator was honored by a co-worker with a video.

The occasion was also an opportunity to honor Eliane Pessanha, the first employee at Fiotec, who completed, along with the institution, 20 years of work.

Fiotec – Fiocruz: an essential partnership for large researches

In the afternoon, Valcler Rangel, Head of the Chairman's Office at Fiocruz and project coordinator alongside Fiotec, presented his lecture. In the same way as Pedro Barbosa and Nísia Trindade had done, Valcler spoke about the importance of the partnership between Fiotec and Fiocruz, and he showed, through data and names of projects, how that impacts public health, science and technology.

Additionally, he explained some challenges related to the management of Fiotec-Fiocruz in order to obtain results.. Such challenges are: maturity, as a result of institutional build-up – in the 20 years of partnership; increase of the capacity of inducing real institutional development; refinement of the scope of the relationship between Fiocruz - Fiotec, strengthening legal security between both institutions; greater integration of planning models and continuous appreciation of transparency to society; and opportunities for statutory improvement from the CT&I Legal Landmark.

Prospects for Fiotec

The event ended with the institutional speech from the Board. Hayne Felipe, executive director, talked about the commitments of the Board with Fiotec's professionals in the period from 2018 to 2021.

 "It is clear for everybody that we are going through dark times, and that if we do not have a citizen behavior, we will relive such times." Despite being a cliché, as Asians put in their ideograms, the crisis is a mixture of danger and opportunity, and we need to learn how to live with both sides and take advantage of the opportunity part. Here at Fiotec, we have had a tough 2017, and we need to make some adjustments to make it in 2018. The context does not need to be repeated, we are going through a time that increases the lack of investment in science, technology and innovation in our Country. If we do not change the course, we will once again be walking in a disgraceful way towards being a peripheral country. We are not investing in education, people continue being exceptions that confirm the rule that people do not see any supports, any incentives to change this scenario. That has a great impact on all of us," said Hayne.

"I believe we do not need to talk about how much we are part of a system that integrates Fiocruz and Fiotec anymore, and which responds to actions of research, development and education in the area of science and technology in health. So we hope to commit here, with you, to look for the maximum efficiency and effectiveness for our actions. We know there is no short-term solution possible, for it involves, in addition to technical actions, cultural changes that are not simple to carry out in a short-term; but we need to start, take the first step, and make this entire story of ours come to an end", Hayne concluded.

Access TV Confies to watch the opening ceremony and the lecture "The future of support foundations."