Participatory Strategic Planning at FIOTEC: a milestone for the institution in pursuit of excellence in providing its services - Fiotec

When Hayne Felipe took office in 2017 as Executive Director of FIOTEC, committed responding positively to the challenges arising from the management and execution of projects supported by the institution. The Office of the Director’s work has been based on three fundamental pillars since then: democratic and participatory administration, aimed at including the entire team in the decision-making process and guaranteeing greater participation in the development and implementation of solutions; personnel management, considering the importance of valuing and developing collaborators to enhance the institution’s performance; and quality management, allowing FIOTEC to structure more efficient processes in order to continue to do better all the time. Reaffirming this commitment, in April this year FIOTEC took an important step in its development with the launching of FIOTEC Participatory Strategic Planning (PEPAR).

 As in any institution, strategic planning aims to outline and decide in advance what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and who should do it in order achieve a desired situation. In other words, planning identifies the paths to follow most efficiently, efficaciously, and effectively, with optimal concentration of efforts and resources. At FIOTEC, Quality Management leads the process and provides all the methodological support and elaboration of strategic planning, based on the participatory premise, where all work is developed by a collegiate body consisting of the board of trustees and fiscal board, directors, managers, supervisors, team leaders, FIOTEC administrative staff from the Commission of Employees’ Representatives, and four additional collaborators picked at random after registration.

The first phase of the work provided the original guidance through the development of strategic thinking. This resulted in definition of the business statement and redefinition of FIOTEC’s mission, vision, and values.

Business: innovative solutions for shared management of health programs and projects;

Mission: participation in scientific and technological development and innovation in health, through shared management of programs and projects, improving quality of life in society.

Vision: acknowledgement, by 2021, by project coordinators as a reference institution in program and project management through best governance practices and as a source of pride for our collaborators.


We respect life, human dignity, and the environment;

We value people and encourage proactivity;

We encourage an integrated, participatory, collaborative, and innovative environment;

We believe in our workforce to achieve excellence in our activities;

We act ethically and transparently in our organizational processes;

Our institutional relations are based on respect for diversity, trust, cordiality, and responsibility.

Next steps

FIOTECT will continue full-steam with its planning. After defining the points described above, the collegiate body worked to develop an analysis of the institutional environment and definition of the directions in the strategic stance in order to begin working on the strategic objectives that will be developed into strategic initiatives and their respective targets and activities.

This work is part of the effort by FIOTEC to enhance value delivery in the provision of services to FIOCRUZ and thus participate in scientific and technological development and innovation in health through shared management of programs and projects, for the quality of life of society.