Training program for people with disabilities (PcD), performed by Fiotec, set to continue in 2019 - Fiotec

Capacitacao de pessoas com deficiencia PcD feita pela Fiotec continua em 2019

Fiotec started the year of 2019 with the graduation of another 16 participants in the Conviver Program, an initiative directed to the qualification of people with disabilities (PcD) developed by the institution.  Between February 18th and 22nd, the 4th class of the project took part in presentations conducted by experts from the institution.

As in previous classes, the participants were introduced to personal presentation and interview techniques, in addition to receive guidance on the positioning in the labor market and résumé elaboration, all by the Personnel Management team. On Wednesday (Feb 20th), the second day, Marianna Magalhães, Fiotec lawyer, scrutinized labor rights guaranteed by the Constitution and by the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT). She analyzed important issues of great interest, such as Holiday period, workload, and overtime pay.

On Feb 21st, Janaina Campos, Fiotec communication adviser, talked about the importance of good communication in the work place, once an employee represent the company. The journalist also highlighted the fact that we should not reduce communication to writing and speaking. Janaina also declared that the behavior it is also a significant way to transmit a message, from the attitude in a meeting, to the clothes wore on a daily basis.

Also on Thursday (21/2), Débora Klein presented the basic principles of Quality and the importance of such concepts in a corporate environment. The Quality Management professional shared with the participants the concepts of the 5S Program, a process with five steps that help to organize work and make the company days more peaceful.

Hayne Felipe, the institution executive director, was present on the last day of the program, as a tradition. He handed to each participant the conclusion certificate and reiterated Fiotec commitment with social integration and the promotion of diversity in all activities performed by the institution.