Activities on Culture, Diversity and Human Rights at Fiotec - Fiotec

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On May 2, the coordinator of Fiocruz Pro-Equity Gender and Race Committee, Hilda Gomes, imparted a special class to Fiotec's professionals about Cultural Diversity and Human Rights. During the meeting, the participants were encouraged to express their opinions and to promote discussions on the subject.

Hilda talked about the importance of diversity within any institution to maintain good relationships and improve results. The main subjects were institutional racism, sexism and homophobia, both inside and outside the workplace.

The exercise proposed by the mediator divided the employees into groups and subgroups, according to their physical and emotional characteristics. They could participate in one or more, showing the plurality of traits in the same person. According to her, "we fit into some groups, we do not fit into others, and we can be part of several groups and be excluded from some other ones. We live in a diverse world. "

At the end of the class, Hilda left a message to the employees: "We need to think twice every time we are tempted to make a judgment or to have a pre-judgment, because we only know other people when we have a minimum relationship or interaction with them... One of the most important things to be able to understand cultural diversity and human rights is by learning to respect others. "

After the activity, the group watched four videos regarding the topics addressed and then had a discussion on what Cultural Diversity and Human Rights are about, giving them the opportunity to share their experiences.

Elisângela Jaques, from Projects, thinks the event was very helpful: "Hilda used controversial matters to make us ponder. I liked the way she approached the subject of racism, showing that even in situations of privilege, there is a concern if your loved one will return home, just because of their black skin", and added:  "made me want to hear more, to know more, to learn more, until I have total empathy and respect for those who speak, think and act different from me. "

"Our institutional relationship is based on respect for diversity, confidence, warmth and responsible attitude" is one of Fiotec values, and initiatives such as the event with Hilda not only promotes the reflection on this value, as reinforce the importance of talking about these themes.