Fiotec receives representatives of the project involving pregnant women infected by the zika virus - Fiotec

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On 27 July, representatives of the London School, Grace Power and the financial adminstrative analyst of National Institute of Women, Children and Adolescents Health Fernandes Figueira (IFF/Fiocruz), Marcus Vinícius Souza, were at Fiotec to analyze the financial presentations of the project called “Cohort of pregnant women infected by zika virus and children with congenital zika virus syndrome”, in addition to validating the financial execution of the project. Accompanied by Fiotec’s project analysts, Eduardo Diek and Luiz Abiel, Grace and Marcus took the chance to get to know the innards of the institution, in addition to the beautiful Castelo Mourisco.

The purpose of the project is to identify pregnant women with skin rash and follow them up to the end of their pregnancies to determine whether the pregnancy resulted in miscarriage or birth of live fetus or baby, and whether the newborn presents microcephaly or other abnormalities that can be determined at the moment of birth or during the first sixth months of life. In this manner, the goal is to produce results that can be converted into scientific articles on the absolute risk of congenital zika syndrome (CZS) per gestational age, verifying whether the risk is the same in the situations presented or if co-factors may cause modifications, and to describe the full spectrum of the syndrome at birth and at six months of age. 

The project is financed by the London School and developed by IFF, with the support of Fiotec. Its final deadline is October 2019, but there is a possibilty of renewal.