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Our mission is to provide logistic, administrative, and financial support services for projects developed by FIOCRUZ in the fields of science, technology, and innovation in various categories: teaching and research, health products and inputs, reference services in health, health information, institutional development, and promotion of scientific and technical events, as well as acting as a Social Organization in projects that include primary care and health promotion and learning in partnerships between FIOCRUZ and government agencies.


Our vision is to excel daily in the quality of our activities, processes, and competencies, thereby achieving excellence as a support foundation to foster technological innovation in health and human resources training, contributing to improving the quality of life in society.



Integrity, Transparency, Efficiency, Ethics.


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In 1998, 13 founding members established the Foundation for Teaching, Research, Technological Development, and Cooperation in the National School of Public Health (then Fensptec). Since renamed FIOTEC, the Foundation continues to pursue its mission of helping FIOCRUZ do more. In the early years our work was limited to managing projects for the National School of Public Health (ENSP), but in 2002, based on a decision by the 2nd Internal Congress of FIOCRUZ, the Foundation was renamed FIOTEC and assumed the role of single support foundation for FIOCRUZ as a whole. Since then we have worked to ensure the development of health projects in the areas of Research, Teaching and Extension, Stimulus for Innovation, Scientific and Technological Development, and Institutional Development.



Accreditations and certifications
FIOTEC is a private, non-profit foundation with administrative and financial autonomy and its own endowment. Support foundations were established in Brazil to back project development by Federal agencies. Due to this relationship, they are required to be accredited by the Ministry of Education (MEC) and Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation, and Communications (MCTIC) and are subject to oversight by the Attorney General’s Office, while their work is governed by specific legislation. In addition to the mandatory accreditations, we seek to obtain other certifications for provision of our services:

Accreditation by the CNPq

FIOTEC is accredited by the Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) to import products and inputs for scientific and technological research.

Social Organization

Certification as a Social Organization is awarded by the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Government and allows the certified institution to sign contracts with the Municipality for management in the health area.

Public Utility

The Rio de Janeiro State Government grants public utility status to organizations, civic associations, and foundations that accredits them as non-profit institutions that provide services to society.

Certificate of Corporate Citizenship

Certification by the Rio de Janeiro Regional Board of Accounting (CRC/RJ) aims to encourage quality improvement in the accounting and social and environmental information published in the annual reports of organizations of all sizes, sectors, and regions of Brazil.

Corporate Citizen Taxpayer

We are authorized to redirect part of our Services Tax (ISS) to support cultural projects through Corporate Citizen Taxpayer status granted by the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Government. Through this tax incentive, FIOTEC sponsors projects in visual arts, handicrafts, audiovisuals, libraries, and cultural centers, among others.

DUNS Number – Data Universal Numbering System

Internationally acknowledged as a common corporate identifier for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and in international commercial transactions.

SAM (System for Award Management)

Governs all contracts signed with U.S. Federal agencies.

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