Access to Information - Fiotec

This section compiles and provides information from the Foundation for Scientific and Technological Development in Health (FIOTEC) with the aim of facilitating access to public information, in compliance with Brazilian legislation: the Foundations Acts (no. 8.958/94), regulated by Decree no. 7.423/10 and the Access to Information Act (no. 12.527/11), regulated by Decree no. 7.724/12.

According to Brazil’s prevailing legislation on public accountability, private non-profit organizations that receive public funding to conduct activities in the public interest are required to periodically publish information in the collective or general interest, except for information the confidentiality of which is safeguarded by specific legislation.

In order to foster a culture of access to information while protecting secrecy in situations covered by specific legislation, FIOTEC values transparency as a way of reaffirming its commitment to the pursuit of excellence in the services it provides. The institution believes that transparency of public funding is more than a legal duty: it favors closer relations with Brazilian society through community control, resulting in improvements in the Foundation’s activities, processes, and competencies.

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