Technological development for SUS intends to ensure the production of medical drugs in Brazil - Fiotec
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Financiador: Fiocruz

Technological development for SUS intends to ensure the production of medical drugs in BrazilHealth is a right for everyone and a duty of the State, as defined by the 1988 Brazilian Constitution, which also establishes the participation of the government in the production of medicinal drugs, equipment, immunobiological products, blood products and other such items, as well as in the improvement of scientific and technological development in the health sector.

In 2008, the Ministry of Health initiated the building process for the regulatory framework of the Industrial Economic Health Complex (CEIS), which today orients the policy adopted to stimulate production efficiency in the sector, the innovative capacity of the companies involved, and the change in the competitive threshold. This ensemble of standards has become a priority for SUS as well as for the industrial, technological and foreign trade policies.

The project thus aims to implement a management model that strengthens the initiatives that focus on the production of strategic technologies and provides support to the Department of the Industrial Complex and Health Innovation in the management of the technological development projects for SUS.

These actions are justified by the weaknesses identified in the field of Brazilian technological innovation, a fact that contributes to a context of vulnerability of the healthcare system, consisting of the risk faced by the Brazilian population due to the fact that there are no sufficient conditions of producing drugs - in other words, the country depends exceedingly on international suppliers.