In pursuit of innovation to ensure democratic, responsible, and transparent management - Fiotec
Natureza: Institutional Development
Financiador: Fiocruz

The Leônidas and Maria Deane Institute (ILMD) has contributed decisively to progress in research and human resources training in health in the State of Amazonas and in the Brazilian Amazon region as a whole. Major strides have been made towards making the ILMD a leading research institution, among the best institutes of its kind in Brazil. Yet new challenges are emerging in this landscape, requiring different work processes and management standards.

The major scientific strides and important economic transformations in recent decades require a more flexible and active institution, through excellent-level research and training activities, in order to help reduce inequalities within and between regions. Such changes will allow a more innovative institution in research, teaching, and management and in its relations with the various segments of Amazonian society, and especially that of the State of Amazonas.

The project aims to draft and implement the ILMD Institutional Development Plan (2015 – 2018) as a planning process to back the decisions made at all levels – strategic, tactical, and operational – ensuring democratic, responsible, and transparent management practices. Short, medium, and long-term strategies will also be elaborated for the institution’s development.