Local supporters of malaria control in the Amazon Region - Fiotec
Natureza: Institutional Development
Financiador: Fiocruz

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 225 million people were diagnosed with malaria in 2009, with more than 780 thousand deaths. In Brazil, transmission is practically limited to the Amazon Region, where some 330 thousand cases are reported per year. As a way of controlling the disease, FIOCRUZ developed the project “Local supporters of malaria control”, which trains teams in epidemiological surveillance to work in the priority municipalities (counties) in the region.

Teams are trained to analyze data and orient disease control interventions based on the National Malaria Control Program guidelines. The local teams thus develop their work routines in collaboration with the state and municipal malaria control teams. The partnership also aims to transfer work methodologies so that at the end of the project, the local management levels can continue to conduct their activities.