Fiocruz launches a project to fight Covid in the slums - Fiotec

The project "Conexão Saúde: De Olho na Covid", which proposes innovative measures to tackle the pandemic in the slums, was launched today (8/19) through a talk with several professionals, broadcast on the Fiocruz channel on Youtube. It is the result of a combination of efforts and experiences from Fiocruz, the Manguinhos Community Council and the Redes da Maré, Dados do Bem, SAS Brasil and União Rio initiatives.

With the facilitation of the journalist Márcia Correia e Castro, the virtual meeting was attended by the physician and writer Dráuzio Varella, the clinical researcher at Fiocruz, Dr. Margareth Dalcolmo, the president of Fiocruz, Nísia Trindade, and the chief of staff of Fiocruz presidency and project coordinator, Valcler Rangel. Representatives from the communities of Maré and Manguinhos, such as Eliana Souza Silva, director of the Redes da Maré project, and Patrícia Evangelista, representative of the Manguinhos Community Council, were also present at the meeting. The partners in the project were represented by Eduardo Pádua, from the União Rio movement, Adriana Mallet, from SAS Brasil, and Fernando Bozza, representing the app "Dados do Bem". 

The main discussion revolved around the importance of articulation between Fiocruz, the private initiative and community leaders so that the project could be ideated and, now, so that its results can be followed up in practice. Patrícia and Eliana highlighted the difficulties that residents face in the slums and see the project as an opportunity for the institutions to go deeper into this reality and leave a legacy. In addition, the measures of the project also involve integration with the Brazilian Public Health System (SUS), seeking innovative and creative solutions. 

The articulation of all the partners involved has been an action of União Rio, responsible for integrating efforts and expertise for the project's viability; SAS Brasil, with the experience of monitoring by telemedicine; Dados do Bem, with an app allowing the evaluation of clinical and epidemiological signs for molecular testing, in addition to mapping the distribution of the virus; Fiocruz, which makes its test production and processing capacity available; and Redes da Maré and the Manguinhos Community Council, responsible for all local mobilization.

The "Conexão Saúde: De Olho na Covid" project received around R$ 1.6 million from Todos pela Saúde, an initiative led by Itaú Unibanco, which finances several actions to tackle the pandemic, through the "Unidos contra a Covid-19" fund, whose financial management is carried out by Fiotec.

The video can be watched in full by clicking here.