Yellow September: campaign gets even more relevant during the pandemic - Fiotec

Since 2014, the month of September “dresses” in yellow for a quite important reason. Created by the Brazilian Association of Psychiatry (ABP), by the Federal Medicine Council (CFM) and by the Life Valuation Center (CVV), the Yellow September campaign aims to raise the population's awareness about suicide prevention. The initiative has the date 09/10 (World Suicide Prevention Day) as a symbol, and this year the slogan is “É preciso agir!”

By virtue of all coronavirus pandemic’s effects, the campaign gets even more important in 2020. Since suicidal tendencies result from the worsening of diseases related to mental health, the restrictions imposed by the safety measures adopted may aggravate or cause anxiety or depression episodes that deserve attention.

Certain behaviors indicate dangerous conditions requiring medical care. Some features of these conditions are: emotional and social isolation; lack of communication; atypical irritability; sleep disturbances; physical symptoms that are not associated with any medical diagnosis, such as stomachache and intestinal alteration; and refusal of help from friends, relatives or even professionals. In the present moment, it is also important to pay special attention to the elderly. Since they are the main risk group for COVID-19, they have suffered more losses during the pandemic, which may reflect in their mental health too.

To minimize the pandemic's negative effects on the mental health, some habits may be adopted. Sleep at least eight hours a day, do exercises, eat healthy food, learn new things, and plan the daily activities are some helpful customs.

For further information and materials about Yellow September, visit the campaign website by clicking here.

Comfort Channel

The respect for life and the valuation of people are some of Fiotec's values. In line with these principles, the institution's People Management team has created a direct communication channel to help employees deal with the stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic.

The professionals operating this channel are in touch with the Workers' Health Center of Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Nust/Fiocruz) and with FioSaúde, the health plan of Fiocruz's servants, aiming to support all Fiotec employees in this moment of uncertainties.

The Life Valuation Center (CVV) makes the telephone number 188 available to the entire national territory free of charge and 24 hours a day. The calls are answered by volunteers prepared to talk to those who seek emotional help and support. The anonymity of people in search of help is ensured, as well as the secrecy of everything they say during the calls.