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The 8th Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP) Global Forum is characterized as an international, free-access, non-profit conference organized by cities for Milan Pact signatory cities, partners, and organizations active in the field of public food policy. Through high-level technical sessions and institutional debates, the event offered a broad arena for discussion for cities thanks to the participation of relevant national and international players.

During the plenary and parallel sessions, interactive activities and the Milan Covenant Award ceremony, delegates from signatory cities had the opportunity to exchange, debate and learn about climate justice through the lens of food and explore how food can be a lever to achieve a fairer world.

According to Rômulo Carvalho, an analyst at Fiotec, the project he is monitoring, involved in the Forum, and supported by the Foundation, intends to strengthen the agenda of sustainable food systems, reinforce its importance for the confrontation of public health issues in the face of the climate emergency, and mobilize local governments to commit themselves through the support of international networks and arrangements.

"Fiotec contributed with logistical and administrative support activities and financial management to the development of the project execution. The participation of the institution was fundamental to make the Global Forum of the Milan Pact possible", says Rômulo.

8th Global Forum of the Milan Pact

The 2022 edition of the Forum took place for the first time in South America, last Tuesday (10/18), with the support of the Rio de Janeiro City Hall, and had as its theme Food to Nourish Climate Justice: Urban Food Solutions for a Fairer World. For three days, more than 500 delegates from 162 cities around the world participated in debates and presentation of projects and results. Fiocruz participated with the round table discussion "Public policies for food security and health: a Fiocruz vision".

At the occasion, the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact was signed. The international agreement among mayors lists 37 actions, grouped into six categories (Governance, Sustainable Diets and Nutrition, Economic and Social Equity, Food Production, Food Supply and Distribution, and Food Waste), to be applied as food policies in signatory cities. Specific indicators will also be defined for each recommended action, in order to monitor the progress in the implementation of the Pact.

Source: Fiocruz News Agency (AFN).