Institutional network learning: seminar addresses the relationship between Fiotec and Fiocruz - Fiotec

On Wednesday 19 April the seminar “Trajectories, Advances and Perspectives in the Relationship between Fiocruz and Fiotec: Institutional Net Learning” was held, both remotely and in person, at the INCQS auditorium at Fiocruz. The event was attended by Fiotec’s executive director, Hayne Felipe, and was organized by Fiocruz, Cogepe, Escola Corporativa Fiocruz, and Rede de Escritórios de Projetos (Network of Projects Offices).

During the opening, Fiocruz’s Chief of Cabinet, Juliano Lima, highlighted Fiocruz’s actions during the pandemic, social acknowledgement on a national and an international level, and the importance of the role played by Fiotec. “I’m not afraid to say that we wouldn’t be able to deliver all we do if we didn’t have a support foundation such as Fiotec. This relationship is differentiated because of our history of project management, which is a field of knowledge in itself”, he stated.

He was followed by Fernando Peregrino, Finep’s Chief of Cabinet and former Confies president, who pointed out that the institution had record funds raised by its support foundations for research activities led by public universities and federal teaching and research institutes, with figures doubling from R$ 4.73 billion in 2017 to about R$ 9 billion in 2022.

A participant of the first discussion table of the seminar, Hayne Felipe, Fiotec’s executive director, spoke about the conceptual differences of control organs and emphasized the role played by the third sector, which is consistently growing in the way the State’s actions are managed. “Our goal is just this one: to be able to provide our population with a better quality of life”. He then thanked all of Fiotec’s employees for the results achieved, including the 917 projects ran in 2022 and a gross income of 2 billion reais in resources managed by the Foundation.

To wrap up the seminar with the discussion table on “25 years of partnership between Fiocruz and Fiotec”, Carla Kaufman, Fiocruz’s Corporate School representative, spoke about strategies to promote organizational net learning and highlighted the launching of two remote mini courses. One of them, on contract coordination, has the goal of expanding Fiocruz’s institutional capacity in contract processes with Fiotec by means of the dissemination of information that allow for the proper execution of contracts and the effective realization of the contractual goal.