Fiocruz Amazônia receives the visit of professionals from Usaid and Fiotec for technical audit of projects - Fiotec

The headquarters of Fiocruz Amazônia, in Manaus/AM, received the visit of professionals from Usaid and Fiotec on July 03rd to carry out a technical audit regarding the Projeto Amazônia: Science and Solidarity in the fight against Covid-19. The initiative is divided into three major fronts: the first, aimed at qualifying and training health agents; the second, focused on surveillance and vaccination; the third, working to popularize scientific knowledge.

Fiotec, responsible for the administrative and financial management of the resources allocated to the project, was invited by Palladium (USAID's implementing partner) and Fiocruz to support the progress of the audit, in addition to welcoming the delegation upon its arrival at Maria Deane and Leônidas Institute (ILMD - Instituto Leônidas e Maria Deane). Representatives of Usaid's Global Program, headquartered in Washington (USA), and the Brazilian office of the funder participated in the meeting. They were accompanied by external auditors, hired by the OIG (Office of Inspector General).

The delegation was able to meet the partners and emblematic actions proposed in the objectives of the NPI EXPAND program: Response to Covid-19 in the Brazilian Amazon. Then, the audit was initiated by the deputy managing director of Fiocruz Amazônia, Aldemir Maquiné, who opened space for Fiotec representatives to clarify and detail the work of the support foundation in the projects developed by Fiocruz. After the presentations of the teams and coordinators of each front of the project, professionals from Fiocruz and Fiotec were able to clarify technical doubts and questions about the monitoring of activities.

“The meeting was extremely relevant and highly valuable to all parties”, celebrated Daniele Pereira, coordinator of Fiotec's Projects team. “We were able to provide the requested clarifications and get closer to the reality, obstacles and especially the relevance of the supported projects, in addition to obtaining perspectives to develop improvements in the project execution processes in regions such as the Amazon”, she added.

On the occasion, in addition to Daniele Pereira, Fiotec was represented by the project analysts Gabriela Sant'Anna and Marcelle Milauski. Next to Aldemir at the reception of the delegation was Analice Carvalho, responsible for the Project Office of Fiocruz Amazônia, and her team composed of coordinators and technical leaders working in the projects.