Members of the Fiotec’s first Ethics and Integrity Committee take office - Fiotec

The members of Fiotec’s first Ethics and Integrity Committee took office on Monday (9/18), gathering the professionals who were elected and appointed by the institution's Executive Board. The group will act as a booster for a culture of integrity, listening and advising employees in matters regarding ethical conducts in their daily work. Claudia Santos and Juliana Freitas, professionals of the Logistics and Personnel managements, respectively, comprise the committee along with Alexandre Valinoti, Financial manager, Marianna Magalhães, Legal manager, and Luanara Damasceno, Governance, Sustainability and ESG manager.

During the ceremony at the Fiotec head office, gathering part of the administrative corps, the executive director Cristiane Sendim highlighted the importance of the recently published Code of Ethical Conduct of the institution, a tool which guides the Committee’s work. According to her, in addition to the expected rules and sanctions, the Code’s educational character is essential, in its goal to create and consolidate a cultural change for employees and partners.

Integrity as institutional guideline
The publication of the Code of Ethical Conduct and the establishment of the first Committee for that purpose make it clear that Fiotec will give the utmost importance to its integrity in the upcoming years. The new management of the Board, which took over in July, introduced the reformulated Financial and Integrity Board to the Fiocruz employees and community. That new working scope motivated the creation of the Boards for Integrity and Compliance, and Governance, Sustainability and ESG.

The guidelines for the new management of the Fiotec Board were issued in the cover of the 30th Edition of Conexão Fiotec-Fiocruz, the institution’s quarterly newsletter. That same article explains the creation of managements turned to integrity and governance, in addition to detailing the organizational restructuring of Fiotec.

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