Event celebrates results of project that vaccinated thousands against Covid-19 in Maré - Fiotec

On September 25th, the accountability event of Projeto Coortes da Maré was held in Rio de Janeiro, at the very community. Throughout the day, there were lectures and round table discussions which provided a broad framework of the accomplishments and impact of the initiative to the community.

The first lecture was chaired by the coordinator of the field project, Carolina Dias, who remembered the beginning of the activities in 2020, when the pandemic came to Maré. The need to vaccinate a complex of favelas with over 140 thousand residents challenged the team to run a massive campaign.

She declared that fighting fake news on the vaccine was a priority, resulting in the immunization of nearly 40 thousand people. Furthermore, the team implemented measures of surveillance, communication, telehealth service and safe social isolation, which reduced the incidence of Covid-19 in 86% Maré. The engagement with the community was essential, involving schools, associations of residents, among others.

During the second round table discussion, articulators and residents shared their experiences and highlighted the importance of the team in raising awareness on vaccination. Building trust through visits was crucial to that achievement.

The impacts of the research were also presented through data collected throughout the study, emphasizing the positive impact of the actions of the project. Metrics and indicators showed how the strategies implemented contributed to the health of the community.

In the round table discussion with partners and executors of the research Vacina Maré, Valcler Rangel (coordinator of Inter-institutional Relations at Fiocruz) shared his journey and experiences throughout the research process. Those testimonies highlighted the active involvement of the community and the partners in the initiative.

Fernando Bozza, coordinator and creator of the project, was in charge of the closing, outlining the next steps and unfoldings of the research in the community. He talked about innovations and movements that were developed throughout the project.

Project Vacina Maré did not only seek to vaccinate people against Covid-19, but also became a reference in terms of awareness, trust and positive impact. Its approach and involvement with the community proved to be crucial to face the challenges of the pandemic and build a safer future for the region.

Get to know the project
Project Coortes da Maré is an initiative whose primary goal is to continue vaccination and the study of direct and indirect effect assessment (effectivity) of vaccination strategies inside Maré.

Furthermore, it seeks to assess the sequelae of the disease in a vulnerable population, highlighting the socioeconomic impact caused by Covid-19.