Fiotec beats record in volume of resources involved in submissions to Finep - Fiotec

The Funding Authority for Studies and Projects (Finep), binded to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, launched in December 2022 a public tender to finance infrastructure for national scientific and technological multi-user centers and laboratories. Currently, Fiotec has 11 active agreements signed with Finep, two being signed and another 11 proposals under assessment. By the month of August 2023, ten proposals for two notices have been submitted, totaling almost R$ 98 million.

In 2022, we had 23 proposals, totaling R$ 42,915,055.93. That is, this year, even though the number of proposals is smaller, the volume of resources submitted through proposals to Finep more than doubled compared to last year. “Fiotec has a significant role in building proposals along with the coordinations, as in addition to proposing/agreeing as for the submissions for Finep, it is also in charge of managing the financial resources granted to the projects, in case they are approved,” says Marcia Perdonati, Fiotec’s Project analyst.

Among the main goals for the notice are strengthening Scientific and Technological Research Centers of pre-established multi-user character through implementing and improving the infrastructure that is necessary to consolidate them, so that they can act as Multi-user National Centers (CNM) in their correlated fields; and promoting the cooperation between Multi-user National Centers and the Research Foundations - FAPs, as to ensure the sustainability and operability of laboratories.

Submission of proposals

Due to the high demand of the units of Fiocruz in submitting proposals and as there is a limit in the amount allowed, which was required by the tender notices published by Finep, the INOVA-Finep Committee, comprised of members of VPPIS and VPPCB/Fiocruz, runs an internal selection of proposals.

The submission of proposals is done by the initiation team, from Fiotec’s Project Management, who organizes the work schedule with the unit coordinations, whose proposals were selected by INOVA. In the meetings, they conduct: a collective reading of the rules in the notice; preparation of the budget; definition of team profiles to comprise the proposal; in addition to the assessment of the documents required for the habilitation and qualification, comprising the first stage of the submission, which lasts about three weeks.

After the approval, the process can last months or years, depending on Finep’s selection schedule, which involves several stages, such as habilitation, qualification and assessment of technical merit, in addition to the stages of interposing resources.

“The search for raising external funds, specially to infrastructure, which allows the purchasing of equipment and construction, renovation and space adaptation works, has been a great alternative to enable the projects of Fiocruz. The resources made available by Finep are a trend, given the goal of promoting, in addition to the infrastructure, the cooperation between research groups, technological base companies and ICTs, to promote innovation,” says Márcia.

About Finep

Finep is a strategic partner of Fiocruz due to its importance in promoting science, technology and innovation actions. Its granted resources are important to make some of the actions by Fiocruz concrete, as in addition to promoting projects, it allows a structuring and consolidation of the laboratory infrastructure through public tenders and technological orders.