Fiotec renews Title of State Public Service up to 2024 - Fiotec

Fiotec revalidated the Title of State Public Service for the period of 2023-2024, along with the Rio de Janeiro State Secretariat for Social Development and Human Rights. This registration is granted to bodies so that they can strengthen the work in non-profit institutions and those providing services to the society.

The Title further acknowledges the idoneity in the state scope and qualifies the request a waiver from the Vehicle Tax (IPVA) and the State Goods and Services Tax (ICMS), resulting in benefits for the supported projects. That is because the certificate acknowledges the joint effort of the partnership between Fiotec and Fiocruz for the state of Rio de Janeiro.

From the projects selected, we have stages of  Resistência Arco-íris(”Rainbow Resistance”), from Ensp/Fiocruz, which are digital tools to bring visibility to the violence against the LGBTQIA+ population, making relevant information available and allowing to map, record and report several types of violence. 

In order to request reassessment, it is necessary to submit extensive institutional documentation to be carefully gathered and examined. The Activity Report must also be introduced, having been created from the catalogued projects to illustrate the impacts and allow to prove the substance of the work developed to society. 

It is only possible to prepare the material with the cooperation of the areas and project coordinations, who forward the service relationship, and the analysts who submit complementary information such as images, detailed activity reports, among others.