Fiotec’s Foreign Trade Team visits RIOgaleão import terminal - Fiotec

Fiotec’s Foreign Trade Team participated in the Cargo Experience on October 24th and 25th, a qualifying program offered by RIOgaleão Cargo to partners who act in operations involving air cargoes.

The qualification addresses the processes of receiving and clearing cargoes in the RIOgaleão terminal, in addition to sharing the global-level trends on air cargoes. The program contributes for import organizations to get a full perception on how operations work in the terminal. RIOgaleão Cargo is now one the main partners of Fiotec’s in the foreign trade of products and supplies used in the projects it supports.

During Cargo Experience, Fiotec's professionals were introduced to a panorama of the air cargo market in RIOgaleão, learned about the main steps of the import process, and visited the Import Terminal of Rio de Janeiro’s international airport.