OTSS is awarded in National Innovation Contest - Fiotec

Fiocruz was in the 2nd place of the 27th National Innovation Contest of the Public Sector, in the category Innovation in public services or policies in the Federal Executive Branch. Promoted by the National School of Public Administration (Enap), the contest acknowledged the innovative experience of the Observatory for Sustainable and Healthy Territories of Bocaina (OTSS), a partnership made in 2009 between Fiocruz and the Forum of Traditional Communities (FCT) to promote health and sustainable development through dialogue between scientific and traditional knowledge.

“We are a territorialized governance experience from an ecology of knowledges, fronted by traditional peoples and communities, to promote solutions for the sustainable development and ensure the reproduction of the lifestyles of those communities. We believe that a new world is possible, a more cooperative and solidary, a fairer and happier one,” celebrates the titular researcher of Fiocruz and general coordinator of OTSS, Edmundo Gallo. 

Since 1996, the contest has been enabling recognition and bringing value to the teams of public servers and employees who stand out for their creativity and proactivity in their initiatives for improving the public service. More than 430 initiatives have been awarded throughout this journey.

“This recognition fills us with pride, not only as an institution, bust as passionate defenders of the intersection between scientific and traditional knowledge. The Observatory for Sustainable and Healthy Territories of Bocaina (OTSS) represents a continuous commitment to promoting health and sustainable development. Our journey is a cooperation between generations, between knowledge from books and laboratories and knowledge that is transmitted throughout the generations. We are building a future where the respect for diversity of knowledge is the foundation stone, a future where solutions are shaped by collective knowledge. This award is a memento of the transformational power of dialogue between cultures, and we are determined to advance through this path, guided by the view of a more equal and sustainable world,” remarks the vice-president of Environment, Attention and Promotion of Health at Fiocruz, Hermano Castro.

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Source: Fiocruz News Agency (AFN).