90x favela: do you know how Fiotec is involved in the project? - Fiotec

In December, Fiotec took part in the Favela Produces Health event, organized by the executive coordinators of the Integrated Health Plan for the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro. The meeting brought together community leaders from organizations, representatives from partner institutions (Alerj, UFRJ, UERJ, PUCRJ, SBPC, ABRASCO), Fiocruz and Fiotec.

The purpose of the event was to present the results of the actions carried out so far by the 90 organizations included in the call for proposals and planning strategies for 2024, as well as the announcement of a public call for proposals worth R$5.5 million, which will select around 55 new projects through social organizations that work to promote integral healthcare in favelas in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Fiotec plays a crucial role in pushing forward and strengthening public policies for life in the favelas. Yonara Castro, from the Projects department, emphasizes the fundamental role of the institution as a support foundation, in view of the legal provisions that govern its conduct and make it possible to build agendas that make it possible to contract services more quickly, in addition to passing on resources to other entities, as provided for in the public calls for proposals.

According to her, this decentralized management of resources allows partner organizations to execute and render partial and final accounts directly to Fiotec. It also emphasizes the importance of intersectoral action in promoting health and strengthening public policies in defense of life.

Throughout the previous phases of the calls for proposals, Fiotec has included a significant number of institutions, strengthening the network of collaborators and broadening the scope of the actions. With the launch of the call for proposals for the 4th phase, the expectation is to select at least 55 organizations, reinforcing Fiotec's commitment to the continuous improvement of health policies in communities.

See the numbers of previous calls for proposals:

1st Phase - 41 institutions selected 

2nd Phase - 13 institutions selected 

3rd Phase - 36 institutions selected

Fiotec Brasília representatives were also present on the day: Yonara Castro, Igor Antônio Araújo, Cristianfari Alles; and, from Rio de Janeiro, the institution's executive director, Cristiane Sendim, the project manager, Maria Aparecida and the lawyer, Claudia Peixoto.