Fiotec is present at an event on changes in the pharmaceutical industry - Fiotec

Fiotec's Foreign Trade team was invited to participate in the event Perspectives of the Pharmaceutical Sector in Rio de Janeiro and in the World, offered by DHL, the institution's partner in international logistics operations. The morning of March 6 was dedicated to lectures and to exchange of experiences about the universe of pharmaceutical and health logistics.

The opening lecture discussed the transformations that the pharmaceutical industry has undergone over the years. DHL's Vice President of Life Sciences & Healthcare Americas, Raphael Chin-Fo-Sieeuw, led the Delivering Next-Level Healthcare - Industry in Transformation panel. The panel was followed by lawyer and tax law specialist Danilo Leal, who gave a presentation on the future of tax benefits in Rio de Janeiro and the tax reform. The talk discussed the impacts of these changes on the supply chain.

"The event was very interesting. In addition to addressing geopolitical and sustainability issues that the company has been adopting around the world, they brought valuable information about the end of tax benefits and the new taxation model, and their impacts on the field of pharmaceuticals", comments Thainá Carvalho, Foreign Trade analyst at Fiotec. Alongside her at the event, representing the institution, were teammates Aline Gregório and Paulo Fernandes.

In addition to the representatives of Fiotec, professionals from Farmanguinhos, the Institute of Technology in Pharmaceuticals of Fiocruz, participated in the event.