IFF/Fiocruz intends to improve its management as part of its strategic development - Fiotec
Natureza: Institutional Development
Financiador: Fiocruz

GOK IFF 001 FIO 19 novo portalThe National Institute of Women, Children and Adolescents Health Fernandes Figueira (IFF/Fiocruz) has the mission of strengthening the Unified Health System (SUS) by promoting health for children, young people and women. The IFF intends to consolidate its position nationally and internationally as a reference in the production of knowledge, participative management and full healthcare for its target public. For this reason, a project has been elaborated to promote the development of collective work management and organization for quality control.

The idea was outlined based on the unit’s strategic goals for the upcoming years and includes, among others, the expansion of the pedagogic processes and of permanent education, promotion of full and humanized healthcare in a network fashion, and the consolidation of participative and result-oriented management. The project is expected to train professionals according to the principles of the institution.