Institutional profile - Fiotec

Created as a non-profit private foundation with the purpose of providing support to the functions of teaching, research, institutional, scientific and technological development, production of inputs and services, information and management implemented by Fiocruz, as described in its Statute drawn up according to the determinations of Law no. 8.958/1994, regulated by Decree no. 7.423/2010, Fiotec provides logistic, administrative and financial services, offering solutions to collaborate with the development of projects’ activities.

The relationship with Fiocruz is declared in the document that creates the support foundation, making it clear that the purpose of Fiotec is to contribute so that the supported institution continues to be Latin America’s largest science, technology and health innovation institution, which represents the latent possibility of advances that will benefit the population of Brazil and of the world.

The legal adaptation of the Statute, the periodic renewal of its accreditation with the Ministry of Education (MEC)/Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC) and of other accreditations, titles and certificates are evidence of the diligent work intended to potentiate the goals proposed for each project.

In addition, Fiotec supports projects available for free for the population, by means of its partnership with Fiocruz, in the functions of teaching, research, institutional, scientific and technological development, production of inputs and services, information and management. Their joint work pursues an alignment with the mission of the supported institution: to strengthen and consolidate Brazil’s national public health service (SUS) and to contribute to the promotion of health and quality of life of the Brazilian people.

Fiotec has three administration and monitoring agencies. They rely on the participation of Fiocruz members, who help ensure alignment regarding the strategic orientation of both institutions. These agencies ensure Fiotec’s efficacy and effectiveness when it comes to project execution. The Curator Council is the superior agency for deliberation and orientation, consisting of seven members, indicated by the president of Fiocruz and attested by Fiocruz’s Deliberative Council. The Fiscal Council is also attested to by Fiocruz’s Deliberative Council, but it is nominated by Fiotec’s Presidency, which indicates three members to monitor the economic and financial management of the institution. The Executive Board consists of four directors, responsible for providing guidance to the institution. One of the directors is chosen as Executive Officer, responsible for the coordination of the Board’s activities.

Fiotec’s organizational structure therefore involves the Curator and Fiscal Councils, the Executive Board, seven managements and two advisory agencies, in order to qualify the institution for its purpose.

Fiotec’s headquarters are located in Rio de Janeiro, in Fiocruz’s Expansão campus, which facilitates communication with project teams. With the intention of increasing this proximity, there is also an office located in Brasília.