Accreditations and certifications - Fiotec

Fiotec’s accreditations and certificates provide it with reliability and credibility. They are also evidence of its concern regarding compliance to legal demands and of its intention to provide services with more quality, thus helping expand the possible range of action of projects.

The functioning of a support foundation includes the approval of its registration and accreditation, evaluated by a Technical Support Group (GAT) that consists of members of the Ministry of Education (MEC) and the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC), which grants the permission to provide support to projects of teaching, research, extension and institutional development. Joint Ordinance No. 76, of December 1, 2015, accredited Fiotec for two years; however, Letter No. 173/2017 of the GAT, based on Joint Ordinance No. 42, of July 24, 2017, extended this period to five years.

Fiocruz’s commitment to strengthening the national public health system (SUS) is well known by the Brazilian people, and has motivated Fiotec to qualify as Social Organization to contribute in one of its action strategies: the project for management, operationalization and execution of health actions and services in the Integrated Territory of Attention to Public Health (TEIAS), within the planning area (AP) 3.1 /Manguinhos. Thanks to a  management contract between the government of the municipality of Rio de Janeiro and Fiotec, the latter is allowed to develop innovative practices of health service providing and organization.

The effort to possess and maintain Titles, Certificates, Accreditations and Registrations is evidence of how concerned the institution is with the needs of the society and of the projects it manages.

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In addition to our accreditations and certificates, we are also registered in the main platforms used to make project management viable. To learn more, click here.