Common questions - Fiotec

How do I submit a new proposal to FIOTEC?

What is the advantage of hiring FIOTEC to conduct the project’s logistic and administrative support and financial management?

What kind of projects is FIOTEC able to manage?

What is the best time for FIOTEC to begin accompanying the negotiations with the funder?

What are the required documents for formally registering a new proposal with FIOTEC?

What kind of funders can FIOTEC receive funds from?

Are the initiation, execution, and/or financial reporting based on FIOTEC’s manuals or the funder’s manual?

Is there a minimum or maximum financial amount for a project to be executed with FIOTEC’s support?

Is there a limit on the project’s term?

What is the flow for hiring FIOTEC for project management?

What is the precondition for the financial transfers?

What are FIOTEC’s hiring procedures?

What is the average turnover time for a project to begin execution?

Please describe the process for submitting orders to FIOTEC from a project already under execution?

Can a FIOCRUZ employee receive a grant from the project?