For researchers - Fiotec

Peace of mind and ease for researchers

We are positioned as the link between FIOCRUZ and partners to develop health projects in Research, Teaching and Extension, Stimulus for Innovation, Scientific and Technological Development, and Institutional Development.

Our work is essentially to minimize the impacts of bureaucracy on the project’s development. We focus on continuous improvement and quality in the administrative, logistic, and financial processes, to allow the researcher to concentrate exclusively on the research itself.

We offer specialized support to deal with rules and requirements by national and international funders, with bilingual staff, and in the development of contractual instruments backed by legal consultancy. Our participation in the process is essential, starting with the negotiation, and mainly when specifying the necessary expenses and budget planning and in meeting the deadlines.

Before the project’s implementation, we already have an understanding of the proposal and scope. This prior knowledge facilitates follow-up of all the phases, which requires specific skills and competencies. We are thus positioned to provide services with quality and innovation, including:

Publicizing funding opportunities through different communications channels and networks
Administrative support for submitting proposals to national and international funding agencies
Evaluation of the project’s legal and financial complexity
Support in drafting, follow-up, and management of the project budget
Flexibility and agility in negotiation and procurement of inputs and equipment and hiring services
Mapping the impacts and projection of spending on human resources
Expertise in importation and exportation, including analysis of favorable financial conditions in foreign exchange transactions
Negotiation and acquisition of domestic and imported inputs and equipment
Accounting and financial reporting: mapping risks and impacts during the project’s planning and execution
Innovative solutions: development of customized information technology tools
Research Card: Research Card is a benefit granted by CNPq to individual researchers. FIOTEC can be hired through the resource provided by the card and thus act as intermediary in hiring human resources for the project.