Fiotec implements a new hygienization system against the coronavirus - Fiotec

As an additional way to fight the spread of coronavirus and protect its professionals and visitors, Fiotec has implemented a new hygienization procedure in its head building: the weekly disinfection. The protocol started on August 17th and will be put into practice every Monday, in addition to the general cleaning that occurs three times a week.

The main purpose is to protect our professionals who need to be in the head building, such as the General Services team, and those who occasionally go there to meet punctual demands.

The disinfection against the coronavirus uses a hydrogen peroxide disinfectant with bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effect that eliminates 99.9% of the microorganisms. The service is carried out through electrostatic nebulization, in addition to the general cleaning of high-risk contact points (knobs, handrails, elevators), as well as glasses, stretches, tables, benches, metal utensils, windows, floors and other surfaces.

During this period when the majority of the institution's personnel are working at home, the priority are the common areas, the restrooms and the reception. In case the People Management team needs to provide on-site services, extra care is taken.

During the general cleaning, performed more often, liquid 70% alcohol is used to reinforce the hygienization of knobs and benches. In addition to the disinfection, the professionals wear mask at all times when in the head building, and count on alcohol dispensers made available all around the place to hygienize their hands.